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[CREATION] Cheking legality of uploaded/played files
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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  [CREATION] Cheking legality of uploaded/played files

:: Which musicals elements can you upload, and how to prove you're the owner? ::

1) SONGS :

You have to purchase every songs you play or get them directly from the artists, majors companies or from some music service made for radio stations, or buy music from any online service, pay and legally, as itunes or vodafone music, even protected by copyright. You can also play promotional songs you have received from Records Co.

As soon as you can prove that you've brought legally a song, you can play it via the RM and/or "live".

In any case you must be able to prove you are a legal owner of a support of theses songs ( if somebody request it) : in pratice you must be able to prove, that you hold the physical support legally;
- you get the vinyl , cd from your personnal collection and ripped it in mp3..., => ok
- you brought the mp3 via itunes, etc... : keep all proves of the transactions => ok
- you have promos; same: you have the support or an authorisation from the record label or the artist => ok

these are samples...

As soon as you can prove that you've brought legally a song, you can play it via the RM and/or "live".

There are some restrictions :
- you cannot use songs from DVD ! (i.e: live-show of artists, Soundtracks ripped from DVD,...)
- you cannot play DRM protected songs

All personnal uploaded elements are YOURS. It only belongs to your radio(s).


You want to use intro's of some of your cd's as jingles (from music CDs, ie regular pop/rock groups or singers). What are the rules ?

It seems a bit unclear as to whether or not you can use excerpts ; it depends of your location
=> in the USA copyright rules there is a 'fair use policy' which means you can use audio excerpts of up to 30 seconds without a problem.
=> in the UK we don't have this for audio, although for written material there is something similar.

So the best solution is to purchase a few production libraries, which gives you various rock music style short intros etc and use these for making up promos. The licences give you the right to use and broadcast material without further payment. A little bit expensive to start with, but once you have the licence then you are safe

RADIONOMY pay royality fees as long as you fill up the average audience volume. Radionomy transmits artists names and songs titles to the Sabam (company who manages royalties/copyrights in Belgium).

However, if you eventually are contacted by your local Co managing Copyrights, the only action you have to do, is to contact Radionomy.

(Date Version: June 2013)

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