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[SHOW CONCEPTION] Set Repetition Settings (Artists/Titles)
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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  [SHOW CONCEPTION] Set Repetition Settings (Artists/Titles)

:: What to do, if you think that the rotation of elements is not high enough ::

The problem is in relation with repetitions settings. It's connected to the number of the actual items (music) existing in your boxes. You must decrease them and re generate the planning

* For an example :

=> you have a box with 20 titles, and 3 different artists and total playing of the song is 75 mns
=> you have used this box in a one hour DT => fix the repetition settings like this ;
* Min Rep Element : 20 mns
* Min Rep Artist : 0 mns

Also notice that if you use only one box, place it every hour or two hour in the DT, instead of extended it on the full lengh day.

* Playlist and Constraints :

A playlist does not take the repetition constraints in account, only the clocks do it. That's why a track will not be skipped by the constraints if it is scheduled in a playlist.

:: How to set constraint repetirion if my radio is a "One Artist only" ? ::

Mono artist:
> Artist Constaints : 1 or 0 (0 preferable if a musical track may bug)
> Titles Constraints: It depends on the number of titles. So it requieres a little bit of logic.

Contraints applies or artist, or titles and are then passed on the programmation, whaterver the clock or music boxes programmed.

(Date Version: June 2013)

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