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[TECHNICAL] Streaming & Broadcast Infrastructure
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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  [TECHNICAL] Streaming & Broadcast Infrastructure

:: This topic as for main purpose to explain to you how works radionomy concerning the broadcast of your radios. ::

At the very beginning was the schedule, sacred object created in the radiomanager. The schedule is sent on our data base server.

Then comes LiquidSoap, opensource software created by the team Savonet (names are authentic). This last one is to know what he has to play for your radio and thus asks for it to a server (the schedule generator ) who is going to read in the data base what you wish to be be played (and who verifies if you would not should, accidentally, inject a contents or an advertisement).

With this information, our friend LiquidSoap asks if the indicated file is present locally on its hard disk (hiding place of the frequently played titles) either if it is necessary to fetch it storage server ( big big disk). When it has its small file, LiquidSoap takes bravely charge with mixing it and with realizing the compression / expension and, finally, with sending it towards the local icecast.

Finally comes Grand Icecast (I should say them because they are some) whom the auditors ask for your stream. Grand Icecast looks then in its files of configs on which server of play (the server on whom your radio LiquidSoap turns) and goes away to beg in the local icecast if he can relieve the stream.

Thus in broad outline we have :

Schedule - > DB - > generation server - > Liquidsoap (with call to the storage) - > Icecast - > Icecast (relay) - > Listener.

(Date Version: June 2013)

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