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[TIPS] Usefull advices for your radios
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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  [TIPS] Usefull advices for your radios

Here is a new sharing post in order to present you the tips previously published on the French forum by Nicolas of "Radio Mozart". It is scheduled to be extended progressively.

|--- 1 - Acheive its musical programmation.
|--- 2 - Produce and Program its jingles

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  1 - Acheive its musical programmation

Shares from the French edition of "La Lettre du Produceteur" by Nicolas of "radio MOZART"

:: 1 - Acheive its musical programmation ::

Music is the spirit of your radio. If your listeners have chosen you, it is because they love the music you broadcast. It connects with their expectation and they like to listen to it while working at the office or relaxing at home. But, to avoid your listeners from trying to listen to others radios, and quit you (looking for more soft or trash musics,...),

You have to propose them your own musical color respecting those two ethics :

1. Never hurt them
2. Never bore them

These two rules are applicable to all musical styles, from classic to hard rock. But also to programmation that are more non-specialist (Hits, Year 70, Top,...). Never hurt its auditors is crucial. If they came to listen to "dance music", don't program "disco" every quarter, even if it is to vary your pleasure. At a time, they will be bored, and will quit your radio to search for another one that only broadcasts "dance".

Don't lie on your project. Your musical programmation must respect the engagement of your radio or of its catchword. As an example it is difficult to imagine our colleague Fred from "ABC Lounge" radio to program "Gangnam style". Even when we btoadcast only jazz or classic, we have to guarantee some fluidity to the musical program. So, we have to fence the mix of two titles that have completely different tempos. Here is a tip from nicolas from "Radio Mozart" to avoid this :

- In one of its radio, nicolas, has classified its titles onto differents boxes according to their B.P.M. So there is a "BPM 50 to 70" box, a "BPM 70 to 90" box... and so on.

- On the Clock theses boxes link up in a progressive way :

BPM 50 to 70
BPM 70 to 90
BPM 90 to 110
BPM 90 to 110
BPM 70 to 90
BPM 50 to 70
and so on...

This boxes classification, allows the choice of the musical tempo, to make it evolve during daytime, and above all to never switch from a down tempo to an uptempo immediately. All is progressive. Rhythm should never change brutally. Thus, the listener is never hurt, or bored.

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Fri Nov 08, 2013 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  2 - Produce and Program its jingles

Shares from the French edition of "La Lettre du Produceteur" by Nicolas of "radio MOZART"

:: 2 - Produce and Program its jingles ::

What a jingle must restrain ?

A jingle must be short (no longer than 8 to 10 seconds), clear (beware of the superposition of audio effects that finally hide the voice), and only resume the name, and eventually a catchword or a short phrase. What about the acoustic ambience of the jingle? It must be standard to the "musical color" of the radio. No "Jazzy" jingle on a Classical radio, no too much aggressive jingle on a lounge radio. Your jingle is a kinda short promotion for your radio, it will be played frequently, it musn't bore auditors or be unseen.

How to fashion a jingle ?

It is easily possible to produce good jingles, without any professionnal equipment. However a good microphone is necessary, voice quality is primordial. Then, the perfect way is to use Audacity, a free software that is enough to realize something proper. Focus first on the voice, train yourself. The voice must be recorder aside, and mixed after with the other audio elements. Your text and phrases must be well choosen.

Sample (fictive): "Happiness Radio....Welcome to paradise" and not "Happiness Radio... The radio of happiness".

Perfection would be to avoid repetitions; that means trying not to take back in the catchword or short phrase an already used word included in the name of your radio.

You can use Audacity sound FX (in particular "High Filter" oprion to clear your voice).

How to program a jingle ?

On a Webradio, it is not necessary to program a jingle after each title. The auditor is not on your radio by accident. (in contrast to what happens on FM). Auditors choose you radio in terms of its name, its logo, and its musical programmation that is announced.
On the other hand, you need however, when a auditor listens to your radio, that they memorize the name of the station, in order for them to come back regularly. So no heavy rotation of jingles, but a programmation each quarter (so each 2/3 titles) is suitable.

At last you still have the possibility to buy your jingles close to specialists.

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