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[Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Development
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Author:  Famus [ Wed May 11, 2016 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

Why does, does not have radionomy favicon,
Upload that misses it.

Author:  PPNSteve [ Mon May 16, 2016 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

Famus wrote:
J.A.R. wrote:
Hello everyone,

The Radionomy team continues to strengthen and work actively to further the development of the platform.

With regards to the technical infrastructure, new servers were purchased and will be installed in the coming days. The heart of our network has been reviewed, with the goal of providing you a better radio/audio experience.

As we develop the various tools, we, of course, are most concerned about what you think, because it is you who listen and / or produce radio via our platform.

Current projects:

- A new Radionomy website
- New mobile applications
- And a redesign of the RMO

Regarding these three elements, it seems most important to include you in our thinking. Your suggestions and ideas can help us to improve the platform and better help you. So, do not hesitate to give us your constructive suggestions. The most interesting suggestions will be added to a "to do" list on this forum.

Thank you for your involvement and support!

The Radionomy team.

The Radio Index page of all the radio station should have the addition elements in the Tracks Play Wizard of their respective radio index page. (Refer Track detail element design image attached).
That will be a Win :) Win situation for Radio Producers & Radionomy.

Looks at your screenshot..
Wow you all those ads on your page? They really fills out the page.. mine is blank and looks so empty and dead. But then again.. no ad clutter makes for a better enduser experience. :p

Author:  vesen [ Tue May 17, 2016 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

I need a radio stream, which will be able to listen to Russia and other countries of the world, I'm ready to help the project, if necessary. I make websites, understand their design and optimization. Please wave...
Everywhere I had to remove the player... because of it sounds, here is the file

Author:  4lobos [ Tue May 17, 2016 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

In Centova Cast you don't need to plan daily. It automatically generates playlist based on normal, high playlist created and it pick up the songs to play.

Planing should be only for Live shows.

Also, i am a producer targeting small audience on my state language Konkani where most of my people are spread over the world and have not listen to my mother tongue. My station has given them an opportunity to listing to our mother tongue music and it helps to keep our Language live. By geo blocking Canada and India I have lost most of my audience and being producer I can't even listen to my own radio.

Radionomy should at least allow producers of Geo block countries to listen to their own music even thought it is blocked for others.

Author:  ridingpoint [ Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

When developing the new RMO, it would be helpful if when you was creating a playlist that if you repeated an artist or song within the 45/60 minute time limit during planning that it would give you a warning pop up. Also one of the things I liked about Radionomy was that the website said that they would give you free apps to ITunes and Android. I have not received these and having to go to an outside source to obtain these and still having difficulty getting them launched. I believe listenership would grow for radio stations and radionomy in general if stations was more easily accessed on smart phones and tablets.

Author:  Colotris [ Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

Creo que para los que comienzan en Radionomy y son nuevos en la Radio Online, se que les va interesar lo que diré:
Últimamente han habido muchas Radios mas de los géneros que uno sube a nuestra Radio, Por supuesto todos queremos que la Radio sea famosa o tenga oyentes decentes para uno trabajar mas y mas y llegar a tener oyentes de la cantidad que uno quiera, En conclucion, Seria una gran idea, que al menos Radionomy tome su tiempo de publicar esas Radio nuevas para que la gente las conozca o escuchen un rato la emisora, Por mi parte, propongo que tomaran los días Sábados y Domingos (Fin de semana) para darles "Publicidad" a esas Radios por un determinado de tiempo, Minutos u Horas, Se que hay demasiadas Radios creadas en Radionomy, Y es por eso que seria una idea complicada de hacer, pero animarían a mas de uno a seguir trabajando en su emisora.

Author:  vesen [ Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

Yes, I have a suggestion. Everyone who broadcasts music be required to broadcast only legally. But now already done. Radio-hoster may ask whether there is the right to broadcast that a certain composition or a performer in General. The purpose of a ban on illegal software radio hoster can close the select songs of piggy banks radio host. But it is now also made.

To ensure the legality of the play by creating access by countries to specific content on the website of radio host or to abandon content that provides web hosting.

Explain about access to content. For example in the country of Russia, it is impossible to broadcast certain authors. When I go to my profile and see the list of available music, I do not see the music in my country didn't get a chance to listen and therefore can not choose it and put it in the air. How to do it? Filters by country.

But the problem with broadcasting all the same remains. Because radio can listen anywhere in the world. Therefore, only one way - upload to hosting its only allowed to broadcast at any point of the globe) music.

In this case, please do not shut down radio stations on the principle of "not interesting to us as the audience" or "not scored the tedious hours". To close you will have many radio stations, because legal software find for broadcasting is extremely difficult. But you get developing projects that will able you to lead potential advertisers willing to pay for high quality traffic.

Да, есть предложение. Всех, кто вещает музыку обязать вещать только легально. Впрочем сейчас так уже и сделано. Радио-хостер может поинтересоваться есть ли право на вещание той или иной композиции или того или иного исполнителя в целом. С целью запрета на нелегальный софт радио-хостер может закрыть возможность выбора песен из копилки радио хостера. Но это сейчас также сделано.

Можно обеспечить легальность воспроизведения путем создания доступа по странам к определенному контенту на сайте радио-хостера или совсем отказаться от контента, который предоставляет хостер.

Поясню про доступ к контенту. Например в стране Россия, нельзя вещать определенных авторов. Когда я захожу в свой профайл и вижу там список доступной музыки, я там не вижу ту музыку, которая в моей стране не получила возможность к прослушиванию, а значит не могу ее выбрать и поставить в эфире. Как это сделать? Фильтрами по странам.

Но проблема с вещанием все-равно остается. Ведь радио могут слушать в любой стране мира. Поэтому только один выход - загрузка на хостинг только своей (разрешенной к вещанию в любой точке земного шара) музыки.

В этом случае просим не закрывать радиостанции по принципу "не интересны нам как рекламная аудитория" или "не набрали нудного количества часов". Закрывать вам придется много радиостанций, потому как легальный софт найти для вещания крайне сложно. Зато вы получаете развивающиеся проекты, которые смогут вам привести потенциальных рекламодателей, готовый оплачивать качественную аудиторию.

Author:  TheWorstRadioHere [ Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

Short answer? Start again. It's user-unfriendly, unnecessarily complicated and lessens the enthusiastic drive form an amateur to build a station due to every stage being self defeating with endless rules that suck the life out of you. For those of you who have mastered it, well done, feel a nice glow of zen-like achievement. It's just a bad web platform in a zero-return market with not much to offer. Let me explain why I think this so.

After spending a few contented years on the now defunct Live365, I decided to try Radionomy. Seeing as it's free, I didn't expect much. In fact, you cannot expect much unless you are hosting a station playing generic Top 40 chart music, RnB or country... (and if so, why? There are millions of you).

Having laboured through the ridiculously over-complicated and sometimes illegible planning documents (#1 I would suggest a better technical writer), I saw the parallels between Live365 and here in how to upload, tag, fix for broadcast, learn the labyrinthian 'clock' method and set about building a station.

My station would be wholly 100% own-content of audio-drama and presenter-led shows. Yet after the days of uploading and tagging the near 1000 'soundtracks' (one of the myriad of limits encountered on Radionomy), then bundling them into playlists it has proven a fruitless exercise. Where Live365 was easy, visual, straightforward, Radionomy is a complete cluster of complexity that would lessen anyone's interest in considering it as a decent platform for their output.

Of course the model is to use you to market their draw on advertising revenue. You paid Live365 for copyright, Radionomy makes you pay in obfuscation and circles (or is that 'clocks?') Ultimately it is better and more fulfilling to design / commission your own website, build a brand, do away with parasitic advertisers as Radionomy and be more in control. Yes it costs, takes longer, more bureaucracy, but each step is logical with build/player/copyright licencing/creative control on your side in the long term whereby you as an individual decide, you achieve and you choose where to market yourself and which advertising to whore yourself to. If you are one of 60,000 choices on a single site, what do you think are your chances (if not hawking familiar published music to the masses)?

Case in point; the day planning rigmarole of discovering if a complete show is a 'playlist' then it is not touched (uncheck 'truncate' etc) but it'll still be crashed by the next playlist item either way due to the advertising. In Live365 there was a way to get around this by including a long playlist to jump in between playlists after the last one finishes and the next one begins. Possibly with further days and hours I could figure out a way on here, that was simply intuitive on Live365. I could have given over more patience had I been able to reach the stage of actually progressing toward getting a station up. But no. At least not me, not here. If you like jukebox style or maybe live podcasting it may suit but for shows where the whole is a sum of parts then it's a lot less attractive.

Now bear with me... (The tl:dr people? Learn to read) After compiling all the playlists into the day planner, fitting it all exactly from 5:00-4:59 each day even allowing for most of the playlisted audiodramas to be cut in and out by each other thus destroying any sense of listening to them, I headed to the planning page. That's where the bomb dropped. The errors of each of the days proved to be a sort of Kafkaesque piss-take, in that I would be left with not much to play. Now, having all the content correctly tagged as would pass Live365's restrictions first time (and remember the rules for broadcast are more or less the same here), at least 40% of my content was in the logs as being taken out for some infraction or other. Exasperation is not the word.

More studied silence into moving well away from this platform. Imagine your own work spat back for infractions that make no sense. Leaving you with the task of sieving through 1000 'soundtracks' to re-tag, double-check (and with the added ignominy of removing the automatically inserted fade points (for the love of all that is good man, why?), you face a mammoth task of going backwards and forwards until you have contorted your content into a meaningless audio pile of unlistenable rubbish, but at least have satisfied the rules. That's good so. It is free after all.

Zero creativity, zero inspiration, zero interest. Anyway, lesson learned. Some have the knack on some platforms to get the best of it for them, in my case it just wasn't to be. As a radio hobbyist this looked like a great avenue but with dwindling listener rates, a not-so-hot niche, and the painful advertising plus rules upon rules whether by Radionomy's doing or not, have rendered this type of platform redundant as a creative force.

Conclusively Radionomy and its unwieldy, over-complicated system makes you fall out of love with radio, reducing you to a box-clicking, reloading drone with baggy eyelids, hoping for a drip of recognition that their whole platform here fails to supply. Radionomy? Ignominy!

Author:  ThunderGord [ Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

I think the biggest down side to Radionomy is the taking away of the Album Cover Art of the Tracks. For me there is a section in the Edit Details of a track called Description which details the Id: of where the track had come from. In my case it is mainly an Amazon ID showing I have legally brought the track, I don't understand why legal bought tracks can not have their cover art displayed. Cover Art would help Radionomy be a more Professional looking outfit.

Either Radionomy need to somehow reinstate the cover art or allow producers to insert a cover photo. Many of the bands I play are unkown? bands who are obviously are not in Radionomy's photo database.
How have other producers gotten round the missing Radionomy Art work ? Is there someway we can link an external Cover Art source to the Share Facebook & Twitter feeds if a box was set up in Share like for Artists & Title ?

Author:  radioskarlet [ Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Important] Your suggestions for future Platform Develop

Hello everybody!

I stressed in my French post ( viewtopic.php?f=11&t=23990 ) that it would be highly recommended to suppress ads upon connection: It's a counterproductive measure because it discourages new listeners. As our stats show, potential listeners disconnect as soon as they hear this ad and, honestly, I can understand their reaction! - Let's hope that the sales and development managers of Radionomy will correct this inappropriate measure as soon as they realize it is leading to a loss of potential listeners and, thus, to a lack of new advertising revenues...

At least, these ads upon connection should be preceded by our customized intro, in the meantime this would be fair enough...

Have a nice Sunday, all you radio freaks out there!


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