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And so goes the Nobex apps!
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Author:  PPNSteve [ Wed May 11, 2016 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: And so goes the Nobex apps!

After asking for a bit more detail from nobex, II got this reply:

Hi [redacted],

Radionomy has not restricted the stream in the USA, so your stream will continue to work, but not within a Nobex Partners app. We have geo-blocked streaming for Android devices connecting from within Canada and the USA.

We made this choice as a result of an unfortunate quirk the in the Google Play store policy. If any account has three strikes, all apps are removed. We manage thousands of apps under several different accounts. Regardless, of whether or not we are in the midst of appealing these strikes (usually copyright infringement claims), all apps can be pulled without notice. To protect all our users from having this happen, we needed to make the choice we did.

By having users transfer their app to their own developers accounts, we can restore the stream connections, because if there is a strike on those individual apps, it will not affect the Nobex Partners program as a whole.

I am hoping all of this is a temporary measure until we see the outcome of the Radionomy vs. Sony case.

Kind regards,

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