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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:57 pm 

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Hi Mr Thomas

First of all thank you for finally addressing these questions

i would like to go through your answers one at a time if I may
Bold is our original question italic are your Answers normal text my thoughts:

1 can YOU as Head of Production, tell us all WHY, the new RMO was rushed out, no where near properly tested and why the old RMO wasn't kept in place while the bugs where ironed out?
RN Answer : That's your view. We need to move forward, this includes launching new products such as the RMO and correcting them once they are launched. The platform is so huge and complex, it's impossible to fully test it in closed beta. And it was also impossible to have the old + new RMO co-existing.

I would imagine 'Moving Forward' should be as smooth as possible, limiting damage as much as possible, Correcting a Product AFTER it as launched has been proved by the experience of EVERY ONE here to be the absolutely wrong thing to do , the mistakes and bugs have been endless, and credibility has decreased , both for Radionomy as a whole and sadly for the Radios themselves, every day i have had to field questions why, cover art isn't showing, why songs were repeating straight after each other (for almost a MONTH) , why streaming was less stable, why there was downtime or the same song playing in a loop for 6 hours straight and so on. It would only be impossible to beta test something if A) you do not want to employ an adequate staff to do so and B ) if you were in a hurry to get the new RMO out ( A could have been solved by asking producers to test it for you. BEFORE it went live. the last time you introduced a new version of the RMO you did exactly the same thing and had all of us beta test it for you. that was disruptive and demoralizing but this time you can triple that.

2 why have you been aggressively marketing RN to new radios when you don't have the server capacities to accommodate them?
RN Answer: 2- What we do here at Radionomy is quite impressive. Producers just see the tip of the iceberg and have an easy interface to create and manage a radio, that's of course the goal, but behind this there is a massive infrastructure.

I'm sorry but that answer doesn't actually make sense in context to the question, in fact it doesn't answer this particular question at all you yourself have stated that the reason the stats don't work properly because there is insufficient servery capacity, so pushing MORE radios into the mix would make that problem worse would it not?

3 Why have you not come here and apologized about the mess ,that you caused, and we have had to work with for almost two months now (the month BEFORE the RMO release was terrible and full of downtime, wrong stats and more and then, well after the release, hardly anyone has been able to do their work anywhere near at a level we would want.)
RN answer: Apologise for a free service we are offering you? Apologise for trying to make things better for everyone? People were also complaining about the old RMO, we are trying to make everyone's life and work easier, and push our products to the next level.

Well you DIDN'T make things better for everyone did you and you certainly DIDN'T make make everyone's life and work easier did you , I am sure that was some of your INTENT do do so but it seems it was more to have a good looking pretty product to sell to new customers in as quick a time as possible. serious mistakes were made and people usually apologize for mistakes made and for the disruption those mistakes cause.
The ''Free Service'' angle has long been a 'get out of jail free ' card played by RN whenever there have been legitimate concerns raised by Producers and it has never really made a great deal of sense. Your revenue comes from advertisers, advertisers will give you money only if you are reaching enough people/listeners to make it worth their while. the Producers and their Radios from the smallest radio upwards are the ones providing those page clicks/listeners for you. a large percentage of those Producers and radios will never see a cent for doing that, so in reality it is you who is getting something for free FROM us. in return for our hard work and dedication all we ask for is something that works properly. In fact i would imagine that the time money and effort most radios spend would add up to great deal, all of which directly benefits your company. so please do not throw the old 'free service' chestnut into the conversation, its illogical and actually rather insulting, because it ignores the work we all do.

4 why if RN is as successful as you make out, can you not afford, a proper HELP service, Paid techs on call 24 hours a day, why do you keep cutting corners every single day.
RN Answer : What makes you think we have tons of spare money? We need to pay for servers, bandwidth, music rights, producers revenues, etc.

Isn't that what a budget is for? are you saying now that you DON'T have the money for a proper HELP service? and to employ a 24 hour staff even tho you expect all radios to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

5 why are the radios that get huge listener numbers NOT receiving their revenue in a timely manner ? My radio is very small and doesn't attract near enough listeners to ever come close to to getting money from this, but it really worries me when people dont get paid, because that is usually a symptom of something going seriously wrong with the company in question.. I work for two indie music companies on a freelance basis and i get my revenue earned with a few weeks and they are both MUCH smaller than RN.

RN Answer : Producers reaching the required level of audience do get paid. Yes we have a backlog of 9 months that we are trying to resorb, but payments are done, feel free to ask Radio Mozart, ABC Lounge & co. We have already improved a little our payment flow, and we hope to get it fully automated for early 2015.

Thank you for answering this and also for the promises that you will start to pay people in a more timely fashion. you have not stated though WHY the situation was allowed to get to this point.. a delay of 9 months (and from posts here it seems it can be as long as over a year!) is surely not good business. If this was your electricity bill or your rent you would be evicted, imagine if YOU had to wait 9 months to get your monthly salary!!!! but if nothing else promises have now been made which is step in the right direction

6 why does it seem you are now avoiding answering the questions about the quick stats, when it is obvious to everyone, that the numbers are simply far lower than they should be please note i am NOT talking about the live stats. the numbers showing in the quick stats simply do NOT correlate to the feedback and info we are getting in real time from listeners. So when WILL the quick stats be accurate again? also what will happen to the stats for early and middle Oct, in the quick stats section ? which are all lower than they should be because of various issues you have written about.. will they be corrected or have those logs been lost and we can only expect 'true' reporting from now on and we should disregard the earlier days?

RN answer : As already mentioned, Quick stats are correct, they are based on the server logs. When I see your stats for the last year, they look pretty consistant to me, somewhere around 130h/day.

first of all you did not answer the second part of the question ''also what will happen to the stats for early and middle Oct, in the quick stats section ? which are all lower than they should be because of various issues you have written about.. will they be corrected or have those logs been lost and we can only expect 'true' reporting from now on and we should disregard the earlier days?''

as for my own stats, the last few months BEFORE the chaos of the past many weeks, were closer to 140/150 ( and even THEN these stats are called into question virtually every day by countless radios including mine, you and I both know these stats are NOT nearly correct in nay shape or form whatsoever countries are not counted, players like itunes are often not counted, the list of mistakes from your side is endless ) but have dropped drastically which is further proof that things have only got worse since the the new RMO was put into practice

will we as Producers be able to see those server logs? remember the stats are an important part of the TOS between us and RN. Don't you think that the stats should be as complete as possible, so in other words, real time stats always available, player/country/referrall information all present and correct ? with out those you are asking us to take the quick stats on 'trust' only
and given previous experience and continuing posts about the veracity of said stats, that would be a rather hard thing to do at this time

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:11 pm 

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Has anyone been paid as of yet...? It's been like forever since mine and other stations producer have been promise payment.


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:33 pm 
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JeanThomas wrote:
DreamW wrote:
Hi Mr. Thomas.-

Is this going to be for all the radio producers?

I'm in the same situation like Radionomy haven't paid me revenues since November 2013 in two of my stations ... adio/index and ... ales/index

Could you please include me for those revenue payments?

JeanThomas wrote:
Russ, we will pay revenues of Jan-Feb-March 2014 next month.
And I see that you also have revenues claimed in November 2013 that are in our pending payments.

yes, that's for all producers

Thank you! :D

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:15 am 

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Well, I assume most of the explanations here are directed at people who doesn't know how software is made.

Not for those of us who earn their living from software engineering, as I do.

I would be happy to get some answers in the light of this statement.


What is jazz?!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:34 am 

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I have no wish to create a fuss. I wonder if I could have some clarification my station 1000 Classical Hits is rated as Best of in the apps I have worked very very hard to get it there. I have been over 50,000/month in the US for six months now. I keep plugging it and it continues to grow. I am very happy that this is all free. I understood however that at this stage I would be getting a nice revenue stream. This hasn't happened and payment/listening figures haven't been added since August despite more than qualifying.

I'm not complaining just looking for clarification and information I understand perhaps more than most what is involved here as I am a Channel director for and (now renamed of course) and have been for many years.

Stuart Rogerson
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:45 am 
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1967 wrote:
I understood however that at this stage I would be getting a nice revenue stream. This hasn't happened and payment/listening figures haven't been added since August despite more than qualifying.


September revenues will be validated this week and will appear on your Revenues page.


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