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Cambiar los fillers
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Author:  Flashdisjockey [ Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Cambiar los fillers

La pregunta es la siguiente,a ver si me explico bien...el caso es que tengo algunos programas de aproximadamente 2 horas por ejemplo de solo música nacional creando para ello un playlist con estos éxitos, pero al generar el planning me inserta fillers de música internacional, entonces mi pregunta es de como poder cambiar estos fillers generados automáticamente, por otros que los tengo en otras carpetas de fillers, y si en el mismo día tengo otro programa de música internacional, que los fillers que estén dentro de este programa se adecuen al estilo de música del programa.Gracias de antemano.Saludos.

Author:  Avinu [ Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cambiar los fillers

6. Find several (at least 6) instrumental tracks (or anything you want) that are precisely 2:00 minutes in length.
7. Create a "filler" box naming it "Filler" or anything you want.
8. Upload your 2:00 minute filler tracks into it.
9. Set the constraints on your filler box to the lowest number allowed (45).
11. Go to the "Planning" page, look to the right under "Ad screens set up"
12. Select your filler box under "Filler box"
13. Generate your Planning for each day. If you already did it in step 5 above, redo it.

(From Domi)
If the 2 minutes filler is a music protected by copyright and/or neighbouring rights, you must tag the file with the real artist name and title.
If you use something else (station promotion for example), you can give the name you want but avoid giving the same artist name to different files because the minimum constraint you can set on a filler is 45 minutes (60 by default) and the planning generator will not allow the same artist name 30 minutes after a file with the same artist name.

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